Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Live Here: Uprooted

This uprooted tree provides shelter from the weather and a hiding place from predators

My We Live Here series to raise awareness about wildlife habitat and how you can help maintain and preserve it continues with this post.

Even if it looks unoccupied and not particularly inviting to you, this uprooted tree displays a welcome sign to wildlife and provides a safe house for those who need one.  

According to my American Heritage dictionary the word uprooted means, "to force to leave an accustomed location."  And that's exactly what is happening to wildlife. Displaced by the development of farms and open land for housing, they suddenly find themselves homeless, often with young to care for. 

An uprooted tree can provide a temporary shelter and can even become a permanent home for mice, chipmunks, voles and insects. The one pictured above has been left alone to blend in with the surrounding landscape. Forestry managers understand its value for wildlife and that it adds important nutrients to the forest floor as it decomposes.

When you come across an uprooted tree in the woods, use your imagination. What if you suddenly had to move your family and you were tired and scared? Finding shelter and safety in a cave like environment would give you a chance to rest undisturbed and explore the surrounding area to find a new home. Click on the photo for a closer view.

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