Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Resting and roosting

Enjoying an early July evening

The poults enjoy roosting now, high or low. In this photo their mother is keeping an eye on the fourth independent poult exploring nearby. Here the poults are just taking a break, they'll forage for another hour or so before flying up to roost for the night.

Day by day, the poults are growing fast and filling out nicely. Best of all, they can follow their mother into the highest trees and enjoy the pleasures of roosting under the night sky. They are also learning to fend for themselves when the other hens bicker and give chase. 

We're having a stretch of absolutely beautiful summer weather. The days have been dry, comfortable and sunny with clear blue skies. After all these little ones have been through, it's wonderful to see them just enjoying life. Click on the photo for the best view.

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