Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lilies of the field

 R. Seawright Gardens in Carlisle, Massachusetts

Even though it was blazing hot, classic middle-of-July weather today, the daylilies at R. Seawright Gardens are in peak bloom and what a spectacular sight they are. Gazing out at the fields, I could almost imagine being in Tuscany or Provence. It was well worth getting out of bed early to arrive just as the Gardens opened.

The Seawrights specialize in growing daylilies and hostas and right now potted daylilies are on sale (half-price, cash and carry).  

I came for the view, but I left with four gorgeous late season daylilies, all highly recommended by 'Love' Seawright who turned up to open the property this morning, lucky for me. 

High summer is here. A visit to Seawright Gardens is one of the best ways to celebrate and savor the heart of the season.

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  1. Good morning Seawrights,
    Ingrid and Chris Henick sent me a note about this being your last year tending your beautiful gardens and flowers. I enjoyed the hostas and lilies you sent me a few years ago. "Young Kit", among others, was blooming here in Illinois and on my parents grave in Germany. That had special meaning. Sorry, there will not be a "Precocious Simone" lily.
    I hope to place an order from your list of available hostas or lilies.
    Our town Danville has one big enemy in maintaining these plants, though,
    the gentle deer that are roaming en masse through our gardens. Only netting prevents them from grasing these beautiful plants to the ground.
    With our good wishes, Christel & Dick Belton