Friday, February 6, 2015

Please Feed the Birds

February is National Bird Feeding Month

This is the fifth and final post in a series on birds (begun Jan 27th) and the people who care about them.

In Massachusetts and most of New England, we are struggling to cope with walls of snow three-feet high.  And more is on the way.

Imagine being a homeless or lost cat or dog in this kind of weather.  And then think about the birds, squirrels, foxes and coyotes who live among us and are struggling more than we are.

How does a bird find food when everything is encased in snow and ice?  How do mice find anything to nibble on or cache when they can’t gain access to their usual food sources?

The good news is that March is only a couple of weeks away, and then we begin a seasonal shift.  You can sense it now.  The light has changed.  Days are growing longer.  Wild male turkeys have begun their mating displays.

Bird seed and suet are a great help through this time of hardship and other animals benefit as well.  Please feed the birds.  

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