Sunday, February 8, 2015

Gas, Groceries, Snow

Gas-groceries-snow (GGS) is the new regime in Massachusetts and most of New England this winter.  Those of us who work full-time are spending our weekends in GGS mode in an effort to keep up with record snowfall.  And there’s no relief in sight.

Some weather experts are calling this “the new normal” due to the effects of climate change.  Since 2012, scientists have been telling us that storms of all kinds will become more intense.  

Sounding the alarm is one thing, helping us understand our ability to create positive change is another.  Author and activist Bill McKibben is one of the best experts out there.  His calm demeanor and thoughtful perspective are a welcome relief from all the fear mongering.  Read an interview with McKibben in the Earth Island Journal. 

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