Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ocean Dumping: Just Say No

Massachusetts coastal areas
Our precious marine life

Mankind is innovative, creative and inventive. So why can’t we come up with a better way to get rid of mega amounts of snow? Using the ocean as a dumping ground is a terrible solution. Our marine environment is already extremely threatened.

Imagine having snow contaminated with road salt, automotive oil, chemical de-icers and other pollutants dumped into your living room?

The record-breaking snowfall has everyone at wit’s end, but we passed laws to prohibit ocean dumping because we know better. Still, current laws do allow some communities to dump snow in the ocean or other bodies of water under emergency conditions. The Ocean Dumping Act needs revision. 

What if the ocean was off-limits? What if we asked a group of scientists and MIT students to work on solving this problem to make it so? An amazing solution may only be a think-tank away.

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