Sunday, September 9, 2012

So it begins

The color of early September

The signs are everywhere in my garden. The impatiens are finished. Yellowing leaves have been falling from the mulberry tree for nearly three weeks now. Poke berries are turning purple and gathering blackbirds fill the sky in the early evening. Compared to the long, lingering dusks of July, darkness falls much faster now. 

And yet, it still feels like and still is summer. Call it late summer, call it whatever you like ― it was downright tropical today, and last night I almost turned on the air conditioner. All the roses are blooming and hummingbirds come to sip nectar from the Cardinal Climber, Buddleia, Anise Sage and Mandevilla

As much as I'm loving it, I know autumn is coming. But until it does, I remain in the moment. 

And the moment is Summer.

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