Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another kind of dustbowl

Dustbowls (top) after rain and (bottom) in August

The drought-stricken regions of the U.S. have received much needed rain in the wake of Hurricane Isaac, but the damage has been done and a lot more rain needs to fall before the 2012 Dustbowl can be consigned to history.  

In New England, we've been blessed with moderate weather for the past couple of months and Isaac was tuckered out by the time he blew through here. Tropical rains fell, but nothing like what the poor folks in the Gulf region have been living through.

Therefore, the dustbowl situation here is as follows: Wild turkey-made, hen and poult approved.

These birds dearly love their dust baths so I leave some areas of the garden to them. It's fascinating to see them  spin around and dig with their feet and wing feathers to create these slightly sunken, round "baths." I wouldn't care anyway, but as you can see, they do little to disturb the surrounding flora.

Observing wild turkeys as they enjoy the peace of a late summer afternoon, reminds me to appreciate the simple things in life and to count my blessings.    

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