Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More monarchs migrating

Sun lights up the wings of Monarchs visiting my garden

A couple of days ago I wrote about one the most amazing phenomena in the natural world the Great Monarch Migration and the monarchs just keep coming. Their numbers have increased dramatically in Massachusetts as they travel to their wintering grounds in California and Mexico.

Their incredible 3,000-mile migration began at the end of August. On Thursday, September 20th, you can check on their progress here.

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that:

"There were fewer monarch butterflies found during an annual event aimed at tracking their migration through Kansas." Read more.

Did you know?
"Only monarchs born in late summer or early fall make the migration, and they make only one round trip. By the time next year's winter migration begins, several summer generations will have lived and died and it will be last year's migrators' great grandchildren that make the trip. Yet somehow these new generations know the way, and follow the same routes their ancestors took — sometimes even returning to the same tree."

Read more fascinating "and fast facts" about monarchs from National Geographic here. 

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