Sunday, September 16, 2012

Into the hills

A trail on the Blue Hills Reservation

Except for the ragweed, which has been bothersome, it was a perfect day to go hiking in the Blue Hills. The weather was wonderful with sparkling blue skies and dreamy Cumulus clouds. It was cool when we started out and comfortably warm by midday. When we reached the top of the Skyline trail, a clear view of Boston awaited us.
We hiked nine miles; the trail was challenging with lots of steep climbs. Some of the hikers were in their 70s and at times the rest of us, all experienced and very fit, scrambled to keep up with them. Living proof of the old adage, Use it or lose it, these elder hikers have lost nothing.

The Blue Hills Reservation is vast with about 7,000 acres. It's a great place to hike and a small ski area attracts many locals in winter. The Reservation is also home to the Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory located atop Great Blue Hill.   

A late summer day like this one is a gift and something to savor. For me there is no greater tonic than spending time  outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air, the farther away from the mad rush of the world, the better. 

Photo courtesy of Friends of the Blue Hills.

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