Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love Stories ― Tazzie and Kia

With Valentine's Day approaching, I say it’s time to think about love, not money! In my next posts I will be doing just that. I begin with a love story that lasted 15 years, not nearly long enough.

Tazzie (orange and white striped) and Kia (tortoiseshell) were a year apart and inseparable. When I brought eight-week-old Kia home, she was immediately drawn to Tazzie. Like many closely bonded people, they simply could not live without each other. When Tazzie died in May 2003 at 16, Kia grieved so deeply that she fell ill and died six months later. The vet said it was lung cancer, but I think the true diagnosis was grief. They are buried beside one another in the garden and I do hope they are together again.

The girls welcomed Rachmaninoff without much fuss. They were five and six by then and bossed him around from day one, but they loved him and he loved them back.

It's hard to believe that the girls have been gone for almost six years now.
We continue to miss them.

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