Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love Stories ― Marguerite

I just love Marguerite, the cat in residence at the Lyman Estate Greenhouses in Waltham, Massachusetts. Several winters ago she wandered in as a hungry stray. Fortunately, the caring staff welcomed her with open arms and the greenhouses became her home. Like the many exotic and fragrant flowers that are housed there, Marguerite is sweet, alluring and oh, so lovely.

Every winter, without fail, I make a pilgrimage to the Lyman Greenhouses to see the century-old camellia trees come into bloom― that’s my cover story. First and foremost, I go to see Marguerite, then the camellias, orchids and other plants. I try to choose the coldest and iciest day of the season to heighten the experience. As I approach the greenhouse door, I am happiest if a freezing wind whips my face because I know that as soon as I step inside, I will feel a rush of humid, semi-tropical air and be surrounded by the fragrance of orange blossoms.

The greenhouses are comprised of several buildings and Marguerite has the run of them all. She is beloved by staff and visitors alike and seems to enjoy posing for the camera!

I always look forward to calling her name as soon as I arrive. “Marguerite, Marguerite!” Sometimes I have to call a few times before she comes running. The sweetest moment is when she appears.

up next, a tour of Marguerite's world...

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