Thursday, February 5, 2009

Girl Story Chapter 3 Conclusion

The Story of the Girl begins with the posting on January 8th. My true account spans a four-year period from 2001-2005. This is the third and final chapter.
The Story of the GirlChapter Three conclusion

January 2006 made weather history again, ironically, as the second warmest on record. I thought of the Girl and how the simple fact of timing, perhaps more than anything else, had determined her fate.

A domestic China White goose can live two decades or more. But in the wild, her lifetime is measured in seasons, and by moon and star, leaf and stone.

The Girl is gone, I know, but in my heart she lives on and her image continues to illuminate the halls of my memory. I think of her in every season, especially in spring when the willows green up along the riverbank and the warblers return to the old sycamore tree.

The End

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  1. I love this story. I love how it is told through the cycles of seasons. The way you symbolize your time with the Girl through the seasons, between hope and uncertainty in the winter months and the promise of return in the spring. And every time she did it was a validation of the good in life. In the end the lesson is learned. It is through the adult mind where we come to seemingly logical and fatalistic conclusions. Yet, it is through our child-like imaginings that life has promise, where hope resides, and all things good are possible. I really enjoyed following this story. The pics are wonderful. You must have a really good camera ;) I look forward to more.