Sunday, February 8, 2009

Living the Goose Life

Paté, lived 23 years.

Paté, the elder statesman.
photos courtesy of Barry Koffler

It’s good to know that there are many other geese lovers out there. One who deserves special mention is Barry Koffler. He had a Brown China goose named Paté that lived for 23 years!
When I first began looking after the GirI, I turned to Barry for advice and information. He was and continues to be incredibly helpful. His passion for keeping and preserving heirloom varieties of ducks, geese and chickens has made him a true expert, and his poultry pages, which function as an online poultry encyclopedia at, are an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more.

I admit that I am somewhat biased because, like me, Barry is a writer, animal and nature lover. He also has cats, dogs, fish, sheep and more. When you visit his site, take a gander (pun intended) at his beautiful farm, Featherside, in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York State.
Now, that’s what I call living the good life.

Note: I will not discuss the evils of paté production here, but hope visitors to this blog know that it is cruel and miserable beyond imagination for the ducks and geese forced to endure it. Do not support it and do whatever you can to help end it!

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