Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Return of the King

Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee.

My Rachmaninoff is feeling very well and I am overjoyed. "The King" has resumed screaming at me if I dawdle at dinner time or refuse to let him out first thing in the morning when it is still dark. He remains keenly aware of the natural world and knows the earliest signs of spring: the new scent in the air; the way the light has changed; the calls of blackbirds and geese; and the sprouting, green garlic grass.

Now, it's still light when I get home. Rock runs to the door, gives me a quick "hello, how are ya, see ya, have a nice day," greeting and then he's out for an official foray. Today, I watched him explore the woods behind the house, something he hasn't done in months.

1 comment:

  1. How wonderful:)
    The pictures are gorgeous! He is so handsome. My kids and I all read your post together. We are so happy he is having another lease on life. Ah, spring:)

    Thanks for your long comment on my blog:)