Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

My Rachmaninoff has been having a few banner days, but even so I caught myself thinking, if this is as good as it gets, I'll take it. He’s going on more outdoor jaunts but his appetite slacked off the past couple of days. He refused the usual menu and left a lot of food uneaten overnight. Because he's already emaciated I take loss of appetite very seriously; he simply cannot afford to lose any more weight. Our wonderful vet supplies me with Vitamin B shots, which he gets once a week to perk up his appetite and boost his iron (like most CRF cats, Rock has become very anemic). Recently, she increased the dose because, banner days or not, Chronic Renal Failure is a progressive disease. Some weeks, like this one, I need to give him his B a little early. Last night he ate like a truck driver. Just the same, I think I'll let this sleeping cat lie.

Maine Coon cats are famous for sleeping in strange positions and Rock is no exception. My one-word caption for this photo is: "Comfortable." I'll take it.

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