Friday, December 12, 2008

Strange Day River Way

What a strange trip of a day. Some say it's the full moon in Gemini noted for obsessive energy, missed communications, (not the same as miscommunications), roadblocks and detours. Add heavy rain to the mix and I think of a line from a favorite Moody Blues song, “I’m really not so sure which side of the bed I should lay.”

When the sun came out, I headed for a wooded path that wends its way along the Charles River. In some low lying areas, the river had overflowed its banks and lovely little rivulets babbled happily along, as if they would live forever. But with temperatures falling to 20 degrees overnight, they will be sheets of ice tomorrow.

And the Tide Rushes In (2:56)

"Then the tide rushes in

And washes my castles away.
Then I'm really not so sure
Which side of the bed I should lay..."

~ Ray Thomas of The Moody Blues
from Question of Balance, 1970

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