Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mick Dodge knows how to live

Mick visits the Olympic Peninsula Coast   Photo: Nat Geo

Mick Dodge is at home in the Olympic Peninsula.  Watching him climb trees, plunge into cold rivers, kayak up the coast, and use his physicality to the max is something I appreciate and understand.   

Growing up, I lived to be outdoors. When my mother asked: “Were you jumping off roofs again and how come the front of you is caked in mud?” my standard answer was: “I dunno,  just out playin’.”

I was jumping off roofs, crawling under houses, scaling fences, climbing trees, swinging from branches and doing everything hard-core tomboys do.  Until an accident sidelined me, I still enjoyed climbing onto the roof to clean out the gutters, hoisting slabs of granite, camping, canoeing, hiking, biking and running up hills to push my body as far as it could go. 

I have to sit on the sidelines for a while and mend, but I sure wish I could go back in time and pull a Mick Dodge.

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