Monday, January 12, 2015

Curbside Christmas Castoffs

Still alive and cast aside

Talk about a weird tradition: folks look forward to buying or cutting down a Christmas tree and can't wait to decorate it with beautiful ornaments and lights.  But when the holidays are over, too many kick them to the curb.  Some are recycled, too many are not. Another casualty of our throw-away culture.

For me, all trees, including fir, spruce and pine, are living beings that provide habitat, whether grown on farms or in forests.  My policy re: Christmas trees is live and let live – I just offer another perspective and it's green. 

Please recycle your tree, and, if you have room, place it in your backyard to provide shelter and roosting for birds and other creatures. Prop it up against a fence or along the side of a garage and secure it with twine or stakes. Or, place it near feeders for birds to perch in.  Brush and compost piles are also great places to recycle Christmas trees.
More in my next post. 

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