Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Where I stand on spiders

American House Spider

Terminix likes to send us coupons and their latest reads: "Spiders can make their home in yours." Guess what guys? That's great news here. Take your toxic chemical selves somewhere else. 

I really like spiders and always have. I let 'em live wherever they decide to set up house, er, I mean web. 

I can't say the same for one of our cats. She regularly checks for insects in the mudroom, basement and other locations where she's accustomed to finding them this time of year. She seems to prize them as a delicacy. I know they're packed with protein. 

But there are a few House Spiders living in places she has not yet discovered. They don't bother anybody and catch lots of mosquitoes, providing a free service we really appreciate.

Did you know that 3,400 species of spider make their home in North America with 40,000 worldwide? Check out for some cool info. Like me, they value and respect spiders: 

We defend spiders for the important roles they play in nature, pest control, medicine, engineering and other economic and cultural realms.

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