Sunday, May 12, 2013

They remain imprisoned

This post continues my thoughts regarding the parallels in the recent news story about women imprisoned against their will in Ohio and forced to endure shocking abuse, and the miserable conditions animals raised on factory farms are forced to endure their entire lives: prison-like confinement, deprived of sunlight, subjected to psychological torture and physical abuse.  

The pigs shown in the photos above do not live, they are "produced" and treated as objects with no regard for their basic and instinctual needs. They are so closely confined that they can hardly move and or even scratch themselves, and spend their entire lives surrounded by metal and concrete. 

They do not know what it is to feel the warmth of the sun, dig in the dirt, sleep on a bed of hay or feel soft grass beneath their feet as pigs did before the advent of factory farming and as they still do in the stories we read to our children.
What's more the antibiotics and chemicals fed to produce pigs and other animals raised for food have created food hazards and pose many dangers to our public health. 

Churning out animals as quickly as possible to "put food on the table" is what the greedy and profit-driven agribusiness would like us to believe. But putting their profits over our public health is as unconscionable as the suffering they impose on the animals they abuse.

Profits over public health? Humane treatment or suffering in silence? 

You have the freedom to choose and the power to act. Whether you eat meat, begin a vegetarian diet or go vegan, you can still change the way we treat farm animals simply by using your pocketbook.

Buy organic, humanely raised meats and dairy products. Protect your health and the health of your loved ones and do your part to end this suffering. Write to your legislators, make your voice heard and speak for those who have no voice and have no choice.

To learn more visit Farm Sanctuary.

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