Sunday, January 30, 2011

A World Away ― Camellias

This pink camellia (C. japonica) has classic and exquisite form

These striped camellias remind me of 'Rosa Mundi,'
a Gallica rose famous for its dashes of red stripes.

This post is part of a series I'm calling A World Away (it begins on January 28th). The sight of these camellias in full bloom is one of the best ways I know to banish the winter blues.

Nearly 200 years ago the fashion among the privileged class in Boston was growing camellias in glasshouses to provide rare winter bloom. The sight of them blooming this winter is a tonic for the soul.

Camellias are native to southeastern Asia, belong to the small plant family, Theaceae or tea family, and there are three distinct groups. Much remains to be discovered about this genus, which occurs over a wide area that is mountainous and rugged, and where little botanical work has been done. New species are still being discovered.

To learn more, visit the
American Camellia Society.

A World Away will continue...

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