Thursday, January 27, 2011

50+ in 30

Too many snow scenes like this one

Beset, overwhelmed, major case of cabin fever ― all describe how we humans are feeling after more than 50 inches of snow have fallen in the last 30 days.

Now, think of the wildlife. Winter is always a struggle for them (unless you happen to be a wolverine), but this much snow on the ground makes it nearly impossible for wildlife to forage or travel any distance to find food.

The flock of wild turkeys is doing what comes naturally in a severe weather event like this ― staying put and relying on sheltered roosting sites, fresh water, birdseed and evergreens. They're very resourceful, finding insects hidden inside window mullions and along bare patches where the house foundation meets gravel and earth. But it's rough going.

Wait it out, that's all we can do.

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