Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who's the Boss?

Daisy (left) and the Baby duke it out

It's been eight months since I adopted these sisters and only now do I feel that I am really getting to know them, and they me. Princess, whom I've taken to calling "the Baby" because she is the smaller of the two, has a heart condition, which stunted her growth, and she is not expected to live for more than another year or two. Still, since I put them on an organic diet "the Baby" has filled out and now is almost as big as Daisy.

These two love each other very much and one of the ways they show it is by fighting. They'll box while waiting for me to put their food down and sharing a window seat is a bit of a challenge for them. Regardless of her size, "the Baby" made it clear from day one that she is the boss, small but mighty!

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