Sunday, March 21, 2010

Humbled by Neptune

Neptune, God of Water

It began on the Ides of March ― the 15th, the day Julius Caesar was killed in 44 BC ("Beware the Ides of March" is what a soothsayer told Julius Caesar in William Shakespeare’s play).

So, I should have known.

And if I was still on the fence about the accuracy of some astrology, I'm certainly not now:
One word of warning: Neptune will remain at the very bottom of your chart― and your fourth house of home, as water could bring unexpected difficulties. Protect yourself from any types of floods, water related damage, or miscellaneous problems that would relate to water.

Though I'm not the only one just now emerging from a flooded basement after a week of round-the-clock toil, I feel like I've survived an epic event. I definitely have a new appreciation for the awesome and unrelenting power of water.

It seems that the great Roman god Neptune (his Greek brother is Poseidon), who rules the sea, rivers, flood, drought, earthquakes and horses, has been mighty busy since 2010 began, so I have groveled and abased myself before him and begged him to never visit me again.

In addition to flooding my basement with water, Neptune flooded my memory with rivers of family mementos, some of which I was able to save; many others now forever lost (which may be why my ancestors have been visiting my dreams all week long). And, in the course of hauling boxes of damaged goods up out of the depths of Neptune's tomb, I discovered items I never even knew existed. Like many people with basements full of boxes, some had remained unopened even after many decades, because I had forgotten them or assumed they were of no importance. Until now.

Like all traumatic events, this one brought mixed blessings. One of my major goals for 2010 was to get rid of the massive amount of "stuff" in my basement. It's been an exhausting week, I'm battered and bruised, but I've done it.

By the gods, I've done it.

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