Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Morning in May

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis)

This heirloom perennial gladdens my bleeding heart each May and looks especially nice with blue Ajuga, commonly known as Bugleweed, blooming in the background.

I have always been a deeply feeling person but was officially dubbed a "bleeding heart" when I was a teenager by a friend's mother. The first time she took me around her vast perennial beds she noticed that I was particularly taken by the bleeding heart flowers. "I think they named these after you," she said. I wasn't offended. I'm proud of this trait, which I consider a gift. My friend Jon, who has a keen understanding of the metaphysical side of life, calls me an “empath.” Bleeding heart or empath, I have always “felt” a profound connection to the natural world.

Waking early this morning, I was captivated by the sight of the garden in all of its May glory and the song, One Morning in May by James Taylor (a fellow bleeding heart), came to mind even though I haven't heard it in a very long time. It seems to fit this day and capture the feelings that springtime love and longing can sometimes evoke.

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