Saturday, May 2, 2009

Art of Stone, Heart of Stone

Stone is totally natural and blends effortlessly into any setting.

Dry stone masonry is a centuries' old art.

This post continues a brief series about stone.

“It's hard to believe a massive rock wall could have any heart in it, but that's exactly what binds a dry stone wall together, says English born expert stone mason John Shaw-Rimmington ― and he isn't speaking metaphorically. "The rock chips, pebbles and fragments that are packed into the spaces between larger stones are called 'hearting' and they're what hold a wall up," he explains.

Though it takes a lifetime to master the art of stone masonry, Shaw-Rimmington claims he can teach anyone the basics in just two days. "A person just has to love the material, and be able to think like a stone," he jokes.

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