Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Girl Story Continued

The Story of the Girl begins with the posting on January 8th.

Chapter One, continued

On Christmas Day I went to feed the Girl and noticed that she was hungrier than usual. A few days later I returned to feed her again but she was gone. By New Year’s Day the river was frozen and snow covered the grassy slopes where she liked to graze. I hoped she had gone with the Canada Geese – they knew where to find food and open water.

Then, one day in early March I felt compelled to go to the dam and look for her, though I'd seen no sign of her since Christmas. And there she was, among the Canada Geese, thinner than before but otherwise fine. I knew a mild winter had played a large part in her survival, but seeing her alive and well still seemed like a miracle.

Over that spring and summer the Girl continued to recognize and greet me whenever I visited her, and though she ate the corn I brought her, she was becoming more like the members of her adopted flock – wild.

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