Saturday, January 17, 2009

Girl Story Chapter 2 Continued

The Story of the Girl begins with the posting on January 8th

The Story of the Girl
Chapter Two continued

When June arrived, I told myself that instead of going to look for the Girl, I would just sit under the willows and write, and enjoy the company of the ducks and geese. As I drove along the road facing the dam, I could see them grazing along the riverbank and preening on the rocks.

But then, I thought I saw something else.

I parked the car and hurried along the path that led to the stone wall, where just below was a grassy slope leading down to the river. There, among the Canada Geese, looking very pleased with herself, stood the Girl. Perhaps, sensing my presence, she paused and looked up toward where I stood.

“Hey Girl!” I called.
She honked excitedly. I ran back to the car to get the corn I had been keeping in the trunk, then scrambled down the hill to greet her. Grass was plentiful now, but she might still be hungry.

The Girl hurried toward me, calling loudly. She ate the corn I offered her, honking and squeaking her enthusiasm, the way she does when she’s happy. She continued talking as if recounting her long adventure.

I inspected every inch of her while she ate. She appeared well fed. There was no sign of frostbite on her bill or feet, her feathers were smooth and her eyes, still the same Delft blue, were clear and bright. I was amazed to see her in such good condition.

It was the sixth of June.

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