Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day Every Day

I'm glad we celebrate Earth Day. But instead of once a year, I think every day should be Earth Day. Now more than ever.

The beginnings of this environmental movement were so full of promise, but in the 46 years since Earth Day began, we haven't accomplished much. Nearly 50 years is a huge window of time in which we could have worked wonders. Now it seems we've gone into reverse and destroyed a lot more. Need proof? Climate change, coral bleaching and ocean acidification, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I'll stop there; it's too painful.  

And what about our forests? Earth Day Network is a fine organization and I love the work they're doing, but in urging the planting of trees, I can't help wondering: what about halting the practice of cutting them down?  

Preserving and protecting the trees we already have and planting new ones are just some of the simple things we can all do to help Mother Earth, our one and only home.

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