Monday, October 1, 2012

The single, greatest threat

Photo courtesy of National Geographic

I write this blog to celebrate the natural world, provide a haven for those who also cherish it, and to inform and enlighten everyone who cares about our planet and all the living beings that inhabit it with us.

However, as climate change accelerates I'll be writing more about our deepening environmental crisis to raise awareness and empower action that leads to real change. For those living in the U.S., voting for leaders that will work hard to enact and enforce legislation to protect the environment is a critical step this election year. 

Recently, I asked acclaimed naturalist and personal friend Peter Alden for some perspective on the current state of our environment. A birder, author, lecturer and pioneer of eco-tourism, Peter has led nature tours and cruises on all the world's oceans to more than 100 countries for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, Lindblad Travel and Friends of the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

My question was this:

What do you believe is the single, greatest threat to our environment right now?
I will reveal his answer in my next post.

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