Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Girls: Three years on

Princess aka Baby (top) and Daisy (orange foot)

The Girls came to live with me three summers ago (see  post from July 9, 2009) and have truly made themselves at home. Like all Tortoiseshell cats, aka Torties, they have their high spirited and madcap moments and an arsenal of annoying antics. Impish, ultra curious and extremely intelligent, they are sweet, loving and very devoted. 

Both girls have learned to respect and get along with the wild turkeys that live here and when I call, they come running at lightning speed, absolute models of obedience.

I can brush and comb them every which way, clip their claws, clean their ears and even brush their teeth. And if you know anything about Torties, that is something to brag about. However, it wasn't always that way. When they first came to live with me they hissed and spat and threw tantrums at grooming time. I could tell it was a routine they had perfected in their original home. I let them know I would have none of it. 

Their reaction was one of complete shock. I stifled my urge to laugh out loud and kept on, taking control and asserting my authority. I'd been there and done that with other cats and told them resistance was futile. They very quickly learned to go with the flow.

The Baby was the most tantrum prone and issued a series of wicked growls and guttural screams that were more hilarious than heinous. But her days as "the tiny rage" are long over. 

I still and always will miss my beloved Maine Coon boy, but I can say now with complete and utter certainty that I love my girls and they love me.

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