Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just like May: Tazetta

Tazzie was loaded with personality

Much as I love May, it is also a bittersweet month because two beloved cats were born and died then. In remembering Tazzie, I realize that forgetting her is impossible.

I once wrote that if a cat could be a season, then Tazzie was spring. I named her after a species of sweetly scented orange narcissus. 

Nine years have passed since she died on a morning in May. I am so glad she had a chance to sit in the sun and listen to the birds one last time.

You can read more about Tazetta in a post written on May 14th in the 2009 archives.  Click on the photos for a better view.

Like May, Tazzie is an emblem of all that is soft, warm and sweet.  May she rest in peace. 

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