Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brian Ross and His Team Expose Abuse at Factory Farms

ABC Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross

This post continues my series on Unsung Heroes for Our Times and I have to acknowledge Brian Ross as one of my heroes in the world of journalism. I have been following his career for many years and there is simply no one else like him. He has certainly earned his reputation as one of the most honored and respected journalists in the country. Dogged, determined and dedicated, "Ross's investigative reports have exposed corruption at all levels of government, led to changes in domestic laws and prompted reforms abroad."

Ross and his team often go undercover to expose abuse and in the past couple of years they have filed some exceptional reports on the horrific practices at factory farms. Again, Ross does not hesitate to blaze a trail into territory where few have cared or dared to go. His willingness to investigate and do multiple segments on factory farming has shocked viewers and sounded alarms, calling attention to the inhumane treatment of farm animals, food safety and a focus on profits over public health.

In his latest story, Ross and his investigative team worked with the Humane Society of the United States to expose Pennsylvania-based Kreider Farms "egg factory" facilities. Some of what they uncovered included, "injured and dead hens, including mummified bird carcasses" inside the same cages as live hens who lay eggs for human consumption as well as chickens who had their heads, legs or wings trapped in cage wires and feeding machinery.

Factory farms are now being reported on in the mainstream news thanks to Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross. As he and his team continue to expose abuse, corruption and cruelty, you can help institute change by using your power as a consumer. Refuse to support factory farming. Buy eggs from chickens that are allowed free range, indoors and out.

One of the best things you can do for your overall health is eat more vegetarian meals. If you want to continue eating meat but would like to be certain that the animals are raised with kindness and respect, look for certified humanely raised and handled labeling. Learn more here.

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