Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dead Coyotes Discovered

Coyote pup

In Massachusetts environmental police and fish and game officials are investigating the illegal and wanton killing of 14 coyotes that were discovered dumped in a lumberyard. The owner of the lumberyard called the discovery "horrifying."

On March 16th I wrote a post about John Maguranis to begin my series on unsung heroes for our times and shine a light on his work to help coyotes and educate the public on how to peacefully coexist with them. When I asked John what he thought about this event, he said it was "tragic and unnecessary." As for his take on why it happened, he didn't want to speculate and is waiting for more information. I will relay that when it becomes available.

In the meantime, read the story here. If any of the 14 coyotes were female, they were likely to be pregnant with pups due in April or May.

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