Monday, January 30, 2012

Save a horse

Save A Horse ― Buy A Calendar

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The year is still new so go ahead and buy this special calendar and help save one of the thousands of healthy, lovely and loving American horses that are slaughtered every year.

You can purchase this calendar at It was created by a group of horse lovers watching horses going to an auction house and deciding to make a difference. Since the effort began in November 2009, no horses have shipped to slaughter from the auction house, and well over 2,000 horses have been purchased and re-homed out of just one feedlot.

Printed on heavy card stock, the photography is exceptional. Each month features another beautiful horse, photographed by well-known professional photographer Sarah K. Andrew.

Every month you meet another horse whose life path should have taken it to fields of clover and sunshine on its back. The horses, thoroughbreds, Appaloosa’s, paints, chestnuts and Belgian, colts, mares, geldings and stallions, are magnificent, proud, standing tall.

Please spread the word that horses are being sent to slaughter in greater numbers than ever before. Let's put a stop to this unnecessary practice NOW.

I will be on sabbatical for the month of February. See you in March.

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