Friday, November 25, 2011

Go out and play

I don't normally tend to think of myself as political, though my stances on the environment and the treatment of animals, both domestic and wild, is beginning to point me in that direction. And I do support the Occupy Wall Street protest movement because I do not believe that"growth" and the pursuit of profit is the remedy for what ails this economy. I believe our focus should be on creating jobs that help us save our planet, the only home we've got. We can also create more jobs by finding ways to reinvent our current manufacturing processes to make them cleaner and greener.

Today, while the frenzied masses line up to shop, shop, shop, why don't you go out and play, play, play? Head for the woods, romp in your yard, walk your dog, sit on a park bench ― enjoy being, not buying.

Buying, as we know from past experience after 9-11, is only a temporary fix. We need to find other ways to revitalize the U.S. and global economy. When so many people are out of work and with more layoffs to come, what can people be thinking? Spending on "stuff" when stashing away savings is more important than ever is absolutely absurd.

If you must spend today, spend time in a way that enriches you and others. Tomorrow, consider donating money (or time) to a cause you believe in. Wouldn't it be wonderful if one day, Black Friday could be replaced with Thanks for Giving Day?

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