Sunday, February 13, 2011

As above, so below

Wild turkeys in their treetop roost
A hen in flight A pregnant vixen rests

while her mate goes off to hunt

This has been one of the most severe winters on record. Even so, the flock of wild turkeys is managing well, and this red fox pair are finding squirrels and mice to eat.

I am constantly astonished by the beauty of red foxes. Though I haven't been able to capture a photo of this mated pair together for fear of disturbing them, I have observed them side by side, and it's clear that they are devoted to one another. Adult red foxes usually live alone except during the mating season in January and February and when raising young. They usually mate for life.

As I've observed the foxes hunting for squirrels, I can almost hear them thinking ― that's how intelligent they are. They have only a passing interest in the turkeys, probably because this particular flock is very healthy and always alert. There seems to be some understanding between the two species.

So, if they can live together, why can't we?

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