Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Roses for Kia

Kia at eight weeks.

My beautiful Tortoiseshell cat Kia died December 9, 2003. Her name is a Polynesian word with many meanings, and I named her long before an automobile model by that name came into existence. After returning from the South Pacific, I saw her at a local shelter. I happened to come along on the same day she had been put up for adoption and knew immediately that I wanted to take her home. I adopted Kia on the spot; she was too little to be in a cage all by herself. She lived to the age of 15 and, had she not succumbed to lung cancer, would have lived many more years. Kia was a rare beauty and she stands out in my memory as quintessentially feline, fierce yet dainty and ultra curious. Since adopting two Tortoiseshell sisters last summer I think of her often and I miss her. See the posting from December 8, 2008 for more about her.

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