Saturday, August 22, 2009

Princess and Daisy Are Happy

These two sisters were resigned to spending the rest of their days in a crowded city shelter until Fate stepped in and our paths crossed. In less than two months they have settled in nicely; it now seems that they have always been with me. Though I continue to mourn the death of my Rachmaninoff and feel his absence keenly, Princess and Daisy have been an enormous comfort and I have truly come to love them. Their antics bring anyone who is grieving the best medicine there is: laughter.
Top row: Daisy loves sitting in the windowsill and she has a very silly side, too.
Bottom row: Princess is an adorable munchkin and can be devilish and extremely curious. I forgot that I had some cat treats in the bottom of my canvas bag. In no time at all I caught her digging for them!
Click anywhere on the collage for a better view.

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