Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Better Times Ahead for Greyhounds

At long last, the cruel sport of greyhound racing will come to an end in Massachusetts, thanks to those who voted Yes on Question 3, banning greyhound racing.

Organizations such as Greyhound Friends, in Hopkinton, MA, have worked hard over the years to save many racetrack greyhounds and place them in loving homes. Word spread quickly that these gentle, sweet dogs made wonderful family pets and deserved better. On November 4th voters let it be known that their mistreatment would no longer be tolerated.

Greyhounds were once prized as royalty by Egyptian Pharaohs. Now, these noble canines may get the chance to live like kings and queens again – as beloved family pets.

Thanks to for this terrific photo. Visit them for some excellent information on the breed.

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